Your kitchen is as unique as your are

Never underestimate the kitchen. Never doubt the ability of an island, a glass of Merlot, and a simmering sauce on the back burner to heal our human divides. When it comes to the spaces where history is made, the kitchen is right up there with war rooms and...

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Sometimes you just shouldn’t DIY

We’ve all heard it said before, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But quite frankly, if your household was anything like mine growing up, the amendment to that little adage should read: and if it is broke, please still don’t fix it. In fact, it may be broken because...

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Kitchen Trends

A curious phenomenon has taken place in the past decade of kitchen history. If it could be summarised by a single event, it would be a *smash*. Personally we have taken a hammer to the melamine and facebrick walls that used to separate the kitchen from where the rest...

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The Most Popular Kitchen Cupboards at the Moment

Few people realise the power and potential of kitchen unit design. Since cupboards/units take up most of the space in the kitchen, they are the most noticeable thing in the kitchen, as a result you need to choose wisely. From the sophisticated to the classically...

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Kitchen Frontiers Introduces Community Frontiers

Kitchen Frontiers is laying down some fresh tracks in new territory. Community Frontiers, is an initiative to impact and uplift under privileged households by connecting resources with families in need. The idea is that rather than chucking out your old cupboards and...

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Scandalous cooking

So it's confirmed. Sex does really start in the kitchen. Some of us ladies have read the book. Most of us just use it as an extremely convenient reminder on dustbin day. But now the smart people have research to prove it. A recent study in London revealed that women...

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Top 3 Most Popular Kitchen Cupboard Styles

Your kitchen’s cabinet door style is perhaps one of the most important aspect to consider in kitchen design and they do not come cheap. This is why you need to make a carefully considered choice when remodeling your kitchen, one that will be functional and...

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Expert and Affordable Kitchen Design in Pretoria

You don’t have to break the bank in order to afford expert kitchen design in Pretoria. Keep in mind, however, that your kitchen, next to the bathrooms in the home, is perhaps the room that most drastically impacts your home’s value. So if you invest in great quality...

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